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      It was in the late George Martin's critically acclaimed 8-part documentary, "Soundbreaking: Stories From The Cutting Edge Of Recorded Music (2016)," Tom Petty proclaimed, "Old people always think their time - their music - was better. Mine actually was."
      I was the same age as Petty at the time of his death two years ago and I do share, in general, his appraisal of the rock music genre if a large chunk of overhyped, repiticious crap is ignored. We tend to think the best of our generation's tangible and ideological products. 
      'Better' is an open judgment, as used by Petty, with 'best' having more of a conclusive - closed for further consideration - determination. 
      Petty's success was based upon his resolve to be authentic to himself and his time. When he was a kid he met Elvis near Ocala, Florida during a movie being filmed there.. Petty was impressed but never attempted to 'be' another Elvis.
      Being suthentic to our time isn't as easy as it appears today. The temptation to go down the popular media's rabbit hole into centuries past and judge the past of others based upon what we know and accept today is contrary, and an avoidance, of our current times and authenticity.                 

      You probably weren't thinking about roast beef before seeing this image..
      Neither was I before I saw the sign along the road. The sign, the words, and the location had nothing at all to do with roast beef and, yet, there it was.                       

      It is, at best, a 'guesstiment' that 1.5-trillion raindrops fall from the average thunderstorm in five minutes over a square mile of land. Variables include the geometry of each raindrop.
      That number doesn't come close to the estimated 100-billion stars in each of the estiamted 100-trillion galaxies.  
      Rainy day thoughts.   

      The guy at the bait shop was right.
      My grape plastic worms had 'expired' and were easy to rip off any rigging by the 2 or 3 pound largemouths. The first cast with a fresh platic resulted in the picture above.
      I listen to people who know things I don't. 

      Art is a choice-driven process. Tyranny, rather than tolerance, is often the well-cloaked solution to unpopular free thought and expression.   
      Here, I made a choice on film; Flagging (2018).