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      With few exceptions, it is a precarious venture for an artist to write about his own work. If the art is up to snuff, or provocative enough to elicit measured responses, then the artist has no need for words;. Everything offered is in the work and creating long-winded artist statements serve only to distract viewers from freely interacting with the work from their unique, personal perspectives.
      Aside from all the content, technique, tools, and so forth, there are a few philosophical positions present in both my private and professional spaces.
      Images on this site are for sale subject to availability. Prices are not shown enabling aesthetic value to be the prime consideration here rather than cost.  See the 'contact' page for further information.
      Fine art is an elitist endeavor which includes the artists and the informed public. Though attempts to make this not so through political filters such as 'democratization' persist, the status and cultural benefits are known through the work rather than the rhetoric of political positioning.
      Immanuel Kant's 'critiques' gave the fine arts legs to eventually run into modernity when he observed it is reasonable to contemplate art outside of reason, yet, art was necessary for reason's apprehension. There are also some metaphysical aspects of art to be considered.
      It has been said many times 'all art is autobiographical.' There is probably more truth than not to that adage which brings this blurb full circle to the opening paragraph.
      Thank you for your time and interest.