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      Work-related e-mail queries are welcome. Keeping queries as brief as possible will facilitate a timely response. Please do not include attachments or links.
      Online sales of my work are not my preferred venue with the exception of previous customers who know my image contact and quality. Online sales are final and 'in the flat'; absent of any matting or framing but protection via an archival plastic sleeve.
      Before making your query please read the About page which contains information that may answer some of your questions.
      I do not send any initial contact e-mails - promotion, spam, etc. - and I do not collect, save, or distribute your e-mail address to any third party. I presume your time is as valuable as mine.
      There are times when I will be unavailable due to field work or my annual darkroom processing and printing. I will note those times, when they occur, here on the Contact page I thank you for your patience and understanding in advance.